Little Feet Preschool is founded on the principle of learning through play. Current research shows that young children learn best through play-based environments. Play provides essential opportunities for children to explore,  experiment and learn about the world around them. Our well crafted programs provide both free play and directed play activities to foster creativity, socialization, critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Our teaching philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • Children learn through play. Through play they explore their environment, learn to deal effectively with problems, and work within a group

  • Children learn through doing.  We provide a classroom open to exploring a variety of activities and situation where children can make decisions and choices on their own.

  • Children learn at their own pace.  Children are different and we should embrace and celebrate their unique skills and talents.

  • Children learn through observing others.  We are their role models.  It is important that we listen to their thoughts and feelings and help guide them along the way.


Conflict Resolution Approach

At Little Feet we use a conflict resolution approach called High/Scope with its six-step approach:

  • approach calmly, stopping any hurtful actions or language

  • acknowledge feelings

  • gather information

  • restate the problem

  • ask for ideas for solutions and choose one of them

  • give follow-up support as needed



We use positive discipline only.  Punishment, physical or verbal, is not used as a form of discipline.  At Little Feet, we have only easy-to-remember RULES of conduct:

  • Respect yourself and others.

  • Respect the school environment